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Real Barebones Arduino

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Instead of wiring your own board, you could consider usingtThe "Real Barebones Arduino" made by Paul Badger over at Modern Device. It can be bought as a kit (that means you put it together) for about $11. It has all the parts you need including the voltage regulator and the best part is that everything is "pre-wired" on the circuit board. Just put in the pieces, solder it up, and connect to your project.


There are a few parts you leave out depending on your needs. For example, he shows it with a right angle six pin header on the left of the board that allows for programming it but you dont really even need to put that part in. He has also installed on the bottom of the board some pins which allow this thing to plug into a breadboard. Again you dont really need these if you are not going to use a breadboard. Just solder in some wires that connect to whatever you are needing to control in your project.



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